How Global Press Release Distribution Service Provides a Mass Media Outreach


The purpose of a press release is often to share news of a new startup, product, service or making any kind of announcements that can benefit the mass or targeted audiences. In order to submit a press release, firstly, the press release must be written in a way that effectively illustrates the message and then selecting a distribution service that is able to provide with a mass media outreach. is the leading global press release distribution service provider that offers a variety of pr distribution services. The Premium, Premium Pro, and the Premium Concierge are the three pr distribution plans the company offers. These plans guarantee placement in 35 to over 200 media outlets at a price of $69, $129, and $299 respectively. Regardless of the purchased plan, a press release gets news section placement, along with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion for increased search engine visibility.

The Premium Concierge PR distribution plan is designed to have a mass media outreach with guarantees placement in over 200 media outlets, including top-tier media outlets such as NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. The press release gets sent out to the concierge Concierge Perpetual Wire that reaches to top journalists and even television and radio networks.

Depending on the newsworthiness of the press release, there is a high probability of being featured at sites like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Forbes and the New York Times Magazine. Customers receive a comprehensive distribution report within 72 hours of the distribution schedule.

Customers who need pr distribution services on a regular basis, they can save thousands of dollars every month using the Monthly and Yearly Press Release Subscriptions. For example, 4 and 16 PRs using Premium Concierge Monthly Subscription costs $1,076($269 each PR) and $2,384($149 each PR), with a saving of $2,400 every month.

The discount is estimated based on the number of press releases in a month/year and the pr distribution plan the customer is interested in. The pricing calculator on the website can give out how much discount a customer is eligible for and an instant estimation. Here is the link to the Pricing Page: also offers press release writing services in a short 2-3 business days turnaround with the PRCopywriter service. For more information or to submit a press release, click here.

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Original Story: How Global Press Release Distribution Service Provides a Mass Media Outreach


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