How Press Release Distribution Helps in Getting a Massive Outreach and a High ROI(return on investment) Rate


Since the last two decades, with the globalization of digital marketing and competitive e-commerce websites, press release distribution services are becoming one of the core needs of every entity that is seeking to reach new audiences and to keep the current ones updated with current affairs. The press release writing needs to be considered critically as it must contain industry relevant keywords to gain search engine reputation and SEO rankings.

Choosing a press release distribution company can be somewhat of a difficult task nowadays because of the increasing number of companies that are unable to provide an effective distribution pr(press release) distribution services. Even though most of the pr distribution companies are saying they have a distribution network of thousands of journalists and media outlets, only a few are able to provide with a good pickup ration and a healthy ROI. is the leader of the press release distribution industry that has 15 years of experience in digital marketing. The company has built its reputation based upon the reputation of maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate and providing the highest ROI rate in the pr distribution industry.

There are three types of pr distribution plans offered by the company that ensures distribution from a minimum of 250 to over 400 media outlets. Moreover, the Premium Pro and the Premium Concierge pr distribution plan offers guaranteed distribution to top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many others.

The Premium Concierge plan is designed to have a mass outreach that spreads the press release to the Concierge Perpetual wire that has National reach in Newspapers, TV, Radio & Magazines, Reaches Bloomberg/Bloomberg Business. The plan also includes all of the benefits of the lower priced pr distribution plans at only $299, being the most valued plan.

Bulk Pricing on the Monthly and Yearly subscription packages can save a customer up to 50% on each press release. The discounted pricing depends on the number of press releases needed in a month/year and the desired pr distribution plan. There is a Pricing Calculator on the website that can be used to know how much discount a customer is eligible for and an instant estimation in a matter of seconds. Here is the link to the Monthly Subscription Pricing and Order Page:

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