How Small Businesses can Save on their Marketing Budget and Get Placement in Hundreds of Media Outlets


The scope of business is rapidly growing worldwide and new companies are emerging every day. However, the fate of many businesses fade away within the first five years. This happens mostly due to lack of resources or maybe the lacking in being resourceful. Perseverance and consistency is the key to compete in the market and bring regular profit, whether it’s a small business or a large corporation.

In order to keep up the pace and to maintain a strong business network, the use of digital marketing is essential. Small businesses can harness the power of press release distributions to have maximum outreach at low costs., the best low-cost PR Distribution service provider shares the difference between objection prevention and objection handling in sales, as well as advice on how to implement prevention handling to increase the closing rate of your sales team.

The process of submitting a PR in only requires you to create a free account and you can submit your press release using any one of the three PR Distribution plans offered by the company. These PR Distribution plans guarantee placements in tens and hundreds of media outlets. The company also offers to distribute PR’s using personal branding of the customer, to whoever wants that elite exposure. Customers receive a comprehensive distribution report as soon as the distribution process is fully complete.

Most of the small business and startup owners recommend the Premium Pro PR Distribution Plan, which ensures 100+ media outlet placement including premium sites like ABC,CBS,FOX, NBC and others. Also, every press release will be permanently hosted on Also, they feature all search engine inclusions for better appearance on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

The best cost-saving option is to subscribe for a Monthly Press Release Subscription. You can register for multiple PR distributions to be made in a month at even 50% discounted rates. Current subscribers are saving hundreds of dollars every month using the subscriptions. If you’re a first time subscriber, visit the following link to register yourself have the $500 registration fee waived:

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