How to Make a Press Release Appear on the First Page of Google Using Paid PR Distribution Services


Without digital marketing, it’s almost impossible to make a plan to build a strong public relations network. For any kind of business or organization, press release distribution can be the most effective digital marketing tool, enabling to reach the mass audience. It’s possible to build up and maintain a strong public relations network. Following a few steps can help to get your press release on the first page of Google and other search engines.

For having the maximum exposure using a PR (press release) distribution service, the press release must be written to communicate with the audience clearly. The incorporation of the high search volume keywords from the relevant niche plays a vital role in improving SEO(search engine optimization) rankings.

It will only take a few minutes for people having a bare minimum knowledge in SEO to find those keywords. “How to Target for High Average Monthly Search Volume Keywords”, followed by “How to Do Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool” are two articles that can guide you on using the proper keywords for that maximum effectiveness.

Once the press release is crafted, it’s time for the submission. is the leading global press release distribution service provider, offering a variety of PR distribution services; guarantees placement in 35 to more than 200 media outlets. Three PR distribution plans for single distributions costs within $69 – $299. This is how an average PR distributed by appears on Google:

The most valued plan designed to ensure a massive outreach is the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan. The press release appears on more than 200 media outlets, including ABC, CBS, FOX, CBS, and other premium networks. It spreads across the Concierge Perpetual Wire, also comes with the features of the other two distribution plans. For instance, placement on the news section, exposures in Google, Google News, Yahoo, Yahoo News, Bing and Bing news. Hundreds of customers who were able to write newsworthy press releases, this plan featured their press releases into sites like the Washington Post, Forbes, AP, Bloomberg and similar news outlets. Here is an example:

For making sure your press release is written by a professional Copywriter, the PR Copywriter is the service that can craft a press release within 2 – 3 business days turnaround. You can book your spot for a Concierge PR Copywriting and request for unlimited revisions at only $99. It also offers Press Release SEO Audit. Customers who want to opt-in for a PR Copywriting + PR Distribution Bundle can save up to $50 on each press release.

This review illustrates how a PR distribution service operates and shows how directly it helps to achieve the highest SEO rankings.

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