How To Submit a Press Release and Get PR Distribution Services to ABC, FOX, NBC and Other Premium Networks


Business and Organizations from all around the world are using press release distribution services to share the news that is potentially beneficial to the mass audience. The press release can be of various topics like information on a new product/service or maybe even an announcement of a merger that will take place.

The most important part of utilizing press release distribution services are to firstly writing a press release that is easily understandable and contains relevant keywords that are regularly used on search engines for the specific topic. Choosing a press release distribution service provider that can guarantee a good exposure can tricky since there a are many scammers spread across the internet appearing as pr(press release) distribution companies. is the leading company in the press release distribution industry that ensures the maximum targeted outreach to its customers, having over 15 years of experience in digital marketing.

Its easy submit a press release on by choosing from three pr distribution plans offered by the company. The Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans are priced at $69, $129 and $299. All of these plans ensure the News section placement, also Google, Yahoo and Bing Inclusion that help to increase search engine visibility. Customers also receive a comprehensive distribution report within 72 business hours once the press release is distributed.

The Premium Plan offers a guaranteed placement in over 35 media outlets, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge ensure placements in 100 to more than 200 media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Other top-tier newswires. Depending on newsworthiness and the professionalism in the crafting of a press release, there is a high probability to get featured on networks like Forbes, AP, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post.

There are also Monthly and Annual press release subscriptions offered by the company that can provide even a 50% discount on the above pr distribution plans based on how may press release a customer might need on a monthly or yearly basis. With the PRCopywriter, the company offers effective press release writing services within a 2-3 business days completion period. For more information about the PRCopywriter service, visit:

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Original Story: How To Submit a Press Release and Get PR Distribution Services to ABC, FOX, NBC and Other Premium Networks


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