How to Submit a Press Release: Getting Featured on Sites Like Business Insider and Insider Lifestyle


A press release is published for sharing valuable information on different topics such as announcing the launch of a Startup, a product or services, latest updates about a business or organization etc. Anyone who has something newsworthy to share can submit a press release to a PR Distribution service provider.

Even though there are many approaches to digital marketing, press release distribution is the most effective tool for reaching out to thousands of audiences within the shortest time. People often wonder what everyone else doing to have their press releases featured on premium news wires like Business Insider, Bloomberg, Forbes, etc. It may seem impossible if you don’t know the simple steps for making this happen.

Have a look at the 5 Golden Rules for Creating a Press Release:

There are plenty of websites across the internet, claiming to provide distribution services, however, in reality, few are able to guarantee distribution to premium news wires.

The leading global press release distribution service provider with over 17 years of digital marketing experience; guarantees not only distribution but placements into tens and hundreds of top news sites. Customers have three PR Distribution plans to choose from to make PR Submissions, offered at reasonable prices. Every PR distributed by gets a permanent website placement, also the inclusion of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Bing News, and Google News.

The Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan guarantees placement in more than two hundred media outlets, including news wires like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and others. Also, customers are having their newsworthy press releases featured at premium news wires such as Forbes, The Washington Post, Business Insider and Insider Lifestyle. Here is a recent example:

If you’re not sure how to write an effective press release that will bring out the newsworthiness of your topic, the PR Copywriting team is standing with PR Writing solutions, able to complete drafting within quick turnaround times. Hiring a professional copywriter is not expensive anymore, your PR will have Press Release SEO Audit and you can make unlimited revision requests upon hiring a Concierge PR Copywriter. More interestingly, using the PR Copywriting and PR Distribution altogether as a bundle enables surprising discounts.  For pricing or to book a schedule, click here.

Hundreds of business owners recommend and make regular PR Submissions to The company is persistent in maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate, making sure customers are being able to reach their targeted audience.

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