How to Write a Press Release and Which PR Distribution Service to use for the Maximum Exposure


Publishing a press release is a great way to connect with the audience you care about. People often wonder how to write an effective press release and some may think it will not be worth it. Well, a press release distribution service company is capable of making your press release in from of thousands of audiences.

A certain set of rules need to follow while writing a press release. Firstly, the headline should explain the topic in a few words and allure the readers to read the content inside. The words and sequenced paragraphs must clearly communicate with the audience. It’s essential to share only information that’s newsworthy, news that will benefit your targeted audience and worth sharing. For gaining more visibility in search engines, there is no alternative to incorporating most volume search engine keywords. Also, proper use of grammar, punctuations, colloquialism communicates the professionalism of your company., the leading global press release distribution service provider has recently shared 5 golden rules for creating a newsworthy press release:

With the PR Copywriting service, you can have a completely drafted press release in a few days. The professional copywriters of the PR Copywriting team offer Press Release SEO Audit along with the draft at only $99. You will also be able to request for revisions as many times as you may wish.

The three new PR Distribution plans offered by does not only provide distribution but guarantees placements into more than 200 media outlets. Making a submission using the Premium Pro PR Distribution plan will place your PR in more than 100 media outlets including top-tier media outlets such as FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC and others. The PR will have a permanent news section placement; exposures in Google, Bing, Yahoo and their respective news sections as well. The Premium Pro PR Distribution plan costs $129, and the other two plans cost $69 and $299, respectively.

Thousands of customers have utilized the services offered by and also purchased PR Copywriting + PR Distribution bundles at discounted prices. If you also want to secure discounts up to 50%, register yourself and enjoy the PR Distribution at pricing using Monthly Press Release Subscriptions.

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