How to Write and Where to Submit a Press Release For Reaching out to the General Population


A press release is a piece of writing that may contain the announcement of your startup, a product/service that is being offered or valuable information on any topic that can benefit a targeted or the mass audience.

It is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that reach out to thousands of audience, building a solid online reputation as a result. Press releases are executed into two steps. The first step is to write a press release in a manner which is easily understandable, conveying the message properly. Also, relevant keywords must be used by researching the most volume keywords on search engines for the specific niche.

The writing part might be easy for someone, but not everyone is a Copywriter who can craft an effective press release using SEO friendly keywords. There is a service named PRCopywriter,  offering just the kind of press release writing a customer seeks, within 2-3 business days completion period. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Concierge PRCopywriting, which allows unlimited revisions and includes Press Release SEO Audit, at only $99.

The second part is a bit trickier, which is to find a press release distribution company, able to spread a press release to the general population. It requires conducting extensive research, as there are several websites appearing as professionals, claiming to provide cheap PR distribution services. Whereas, in reality, there are only a few companies which are able to achieve that outcome at an affordable price., a global press release distribution services provider, offers PR distribution plans at pricing as cheap as $69, extending up to $299 based on which plan a customer is interested in. All of these plans provide with guaranteed placement in the news section.

The most purchased plan in the Premium Pro PR distribution plan that places the PR in more than a 100 media outlets, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and other premium networks at only $129. Customers receive an email with a Comprehensive Distribution Report within 72 business hours from the distribution schedule. Moreover, each and every press release gets Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion that can boost up SEO rankings. Here is how an average press release looks like on Google after using a PR distribution plan:

The PRCopywriter press release writing service can craft a press release for having maximum effectiveness, using SEO friendly keywords. The Concierge Copywriting is the best writing plan offering unlimited revisions and Press Release SEO Audit, at only $99. It is possible to get up to $50 using a PRCopywriter + PR distribution plan. helped over thousands of companies with press release writing and distribution services and is still onboarding new clients every day.

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