Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions: PR Distribution With 100+ Guaranteed Placements at only $35


Press release distribution is one of the most effective digital marketing tool, capable of providing with regular exposures on several media outlets. The industry is highly competitive and with new companies emerging every other day, it has become difficult to choose the most reliable and affordable PR distribution service provider. A lot of companies claim to have thousands of journalists in their distribution network and offer cheap press release distribution services. However, only a few can guarantee placements in hundreds of media outlets.

The leading press release distribution service provider with over 17 years of digital marketing experience, offers affordable PR Distribution plans capable of ensuring 200+ media outlet placements. For making a single distribution, the Premium, Premium Pro, and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan cost $69, $129, and $129, respectively.

With the Premium Pro PR Distribution plan, placement is guaranteed in 100+ media outlets, including top-tier news wires ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and others. Every PR distributed by the company gets placement in the news section, also the inclusion of Google, Google News, Yahoo, Yahoo News, Bing, and Bing News. Search engine visibility maximized by the virtue of the inclusions. Here is an example, a recently distributed PR searched on Google:

It’s possible to purchase the Premium Pro PR Distribution plan only at $35, or having up to 50% discount on distribution plans if you register to a Monthly Press Release Subscription. The price calculator on the website is designed to provide an instant estimation on the Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions. If you are a first-time subscriber, you don’t have to pay the $500 joining fee. For securing your subscription, click here.

You can hire a professional copywriter to write your press release using the PR Copywriting service and get a complete draft within 2 – 3 business days turnaround times. Hiring a Concierge PR Copywriter allows you to make unlimited revision requests and offer Press Release SEO Audit, only at $99. Purchasing a PR Copywriting + PR Distribution Bundle can provide with up $50 discounts for each press release. is the only press release distribution service provider that provides full clarity on what their customers should expect when submitting a press release.

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