Paid PR Distribution Service Provider Presents With Huge Discounts on Monthly and Annual Subscriptions


Regular use of press release distribution services helps business and organizations to build and maintain a strong public relations network. It is an essential tool to spread valuable information to the mass media and reach the audience.

There are many paid pr distribution service providers that claim to have thousands of journalists and media outlets in their distribution network. However, the most important fact as a customer is to know where the press release may appear. is a leading paid pr distribution service provider with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. The company offers three different press release distribution plans; Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan that costs $69. $129, and $299, offering guaranteed placement 35 to over 200 media outlets.

The most popular pr distribution plan is the Premium Pro that ensures placement in over 100 media outlets including top-tier newswires like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX at only $129. Moreover, the press releases appear on news section, the inclusion of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that will provide increased search engine visibility.

In order to get exposure on a regular basis, offers bulk pricing on Monthly and Annual Subscriptions that can save a customer thousands of dollar every month. For instance, a Monthly Press Release Subscription for 4 and 15 Premium Pro $464 and $1,040($65 each PR) respectively, with a saving of $1,024 each month. The discounted price is estimated based on the pr distribution plan and the number of press releases needed in a Month/Year. The price calculator can provide with an instant estimation from the following link:

The White Label Press Release is another service that offers Private Label and Unbranded Press Release Distribution. Customers who want to make a pr distribution with their own branding can use the Private Label and for those who want their press release to go live without the branding can purchase the Unbranded PR Distribution service. For more information or to submit a press release, click here.   

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Original Story: Paid PR Distribution Service Provider Presents With Huge Discounts on Monthly and Annual Subscriptions


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