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Public relations or PR is the continuous improvement of mutual understanding. Because of the vast number of media channels available today, in our current times communication is a lot more than just a two-way street. Continuously focusing on PR and a press release helps companies improve their relations with their entire audience. It is still the best way to bring news to the attention of journalists and editorial offices. Why? Because as long as they’re newsworthy and sent to the right media, press releases are a very effective and cost-efficient way of putting your company in the spotlight. is the leader in press release distribution with the highest return on investment and lowest plan rates in the industry. If content is king, distribution is queen, then has a kingdom of Expert Resources. Distribution over 400+ media outlets. Anyone can choose from three PR Distribution plans of Single Press Release Distribution on $69-$299 comes with guaranteed distribution, Monthly Press Release Distribution on $130-$568 comes with just $65 for each PR and allows you to save up to $30 /month, Yearly Press Release Distribution on $1536-$6672 comes with just $64 for each PR and allows you to save up to $504 /year. always believes in expertise. All expert PR consultants of, who work on your strategy and tactics on a daily basis are supported by a team of specialized in-house content creators. Press releases, digital newsletters, blogpost, videos, corporate brochures, photographs, infographics or social media posts – content can only be effective if it communicates your message clearly and interacts with your audience and regularly helps companies with media buying activities, such as Google Adwords, online bannering, online and offline PR, advertorials or advertisements. By putting together a media mix of paid, owned and earned media, is successfully distributing press releases among the right media.

That’s why we think along with you, proactively, considering the right angle that is in line with your vision and taking into account alternative distribution methods, such as social releases, which adhere to all journalistic quality requirements. Using our in house expertise, we’ll be able to see exactly who is writing or talking about you. This way, we can guarantee that the right message will come across, and we’ll improve your chances of success.

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