PR Distribution Services for Mobile App Press Release can Boost Search Engine Visibility and Maximize Download Rates


Many programmers are developers utilize press release distribution services to share the news of a new App they have recently launched, or maybe submit a press release that explains how their Mobile App is different from others.

Some developers might not be aware of how to have maximum exposure and download rates using press release distribution services. A press release can be written on different topics, for example, a press release containing the usefulness of a mobile app or how the app provides a better service than other similar Mobile Apps.

The first part is the press release writing, which is crafted and formatted in a manner that communicates the message effectively to the general audience. With a little knowledge of SEO and some research, it is helpful to input certain keywords that will help to increase search engine visibility. “How to Get to the Top of Google“ is an article on using the power of keywords boost up search engine reputation.

Since there are many scammers offering cheap pr distribution services that have websites that may appear as professional, it’s hard to find a pr distribution service provider that can actually provide with results. Press Release Jet is a leading global press release distribution service provider that was named as “The Best SEO Tools of 2017”, and still carrying out that reputation in 2019. The company was rebranded as in mid-2017. offers affordable pr distribution plans that guarantee placement in 35 to over 200 media outlets at a pricing range of $69-$129. Mobile App developers can use the Premium Pro pr distribution plan to get guarantees placement in over 100 media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other top-tier newswires at only $129. Regardless of the distribution plan they choose, the press release will get news section placement, along with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo and Bing for increased search engine visibility. A comprehensive distribution report is sent via email within 72 business hours of the distribution.

For regular online visibility, customers can obtain up to 50% discounts on the pr distribution plans by opting in for the Monthly or Annual Press Release Subscriptions. The discount depends on the specific pr distribution plan and the number of press releases needed in a month/year. In order for an instant and accurate price estimation, Click Here.

The PRCopywriter is the press release writing service that can craft a press release in a short 2-3 business days turnaround time. is constantly helping and had already helped hundreds of Mobile App developers with press release writing and distribution services.

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