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Business owners are always looking for ways to expand their public relations network. Most of them use press release distribution services for spreading news of their recently released product or service, or just to keep the general audience updated with current affairs.

Even though there are several effective digital marketing tools, press release distribution is the most effective tool for building up a strong public relations network, in the shortest time., the leading global press release distribution service provider shares 3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business:

The Premium, Premium Pro, and Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan ensure guaranteed placements into 35, to more than 200 media outlets. These PR Distribution plans are offered at a price ranging by $69 – $299. All of the three PR Distribution plans offer placement in the news section, along with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Google News, Yahoo! News and Bing news. The inclusions add a lot of value to the PR as it increases search engine visibility and helps to boost SEO rankings.

Designed for a massive outreach, the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan guarantees placement in over 200 media outlets, including top-tier news wires like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and others. Hundreds of customers were able to have their press release featured in sites like Forbes, New York Magazine, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post. Here is a recent press release distributed using the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan that was featured in The Washington Post:

For building and maintaining a strong public relations network, many business owners are subscribed to the Monthly Press Release Subscription plans. Registering for a Monthly Press Release Subscription can provide with up to 50% discounts on each press release. The discount pricing for a subscription is based on your preferred PR Distribution plan and the number of distributions needed in a month. For an instant estimation and to subscribe without paying the $500 registration fee, click here.

More than a thousand business owners have used these PR Distributions plans, along with the PR Copywriting service for having their press release written by professional copywriters. is offering the highest ROI (Return on Investment) rate compared to its competitors.

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