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Throughout the past few decades, digital marketing has spread across the globe. Almost every business and organization from around the world consider it to be the best approach to achieve worldwide recognition. Press release distribution is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that share news or valuable information on any topic to a large number of targeted and the mass audience.


Meanwhile, there are people with little to no knowledge regarding the press release distribution industry, how they work or how to utilize PR (press release) distribution services to the fullest extent. It’s possible to build an online reputation within the shortest time with the help of a PR distribution service..


The execution of a successful press release is only possible if it can establish clear communication with the audience. Another important factor is the incorporation of certain keywords of relevant niche, having the most volume on search engines. These keywords result in having better SEO(search engine optimization) rankings.


This may sound complicated to some, however, easier for those who have experience in writing and SEO knowledge. However, it not possible for everyone to craft an effective press release mostly due to the lack of time. The PR Copywriter presents with a solution by offering effective press release writing services within a 2-3 business days completion period. You can have a well-crafted press release, request for unlimited revisions, and have Press Release SEO Audit on your press release with the using the Concierge PR Copywriting at only $99., a global press release distribution service provider has made the pr submission process easier, offering three simple distribution plans that offer guaranteed placements in 35 to over 200 media outlets, within in a price range of $69 – $299. You can simply order your preferred PR distribution plan and submit a press release in a few minutes.


The cheapest Premium PR Distribution plan ensures placement in 35+ media outlets; more than 100 media outlet placement is guaranteed with the mid-range Premium Pro PR Distribution plan, including premium networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and others. The Premium Pro plan is priced at $129 and often used by regular customers. Every PR distribution plan makes a press release appear on the News Section, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, along with exposures throughout the respective search engines.


After reading this piece of writing, you should be able to utilize the PR distribution services in a way that suits your needs and have your press release published. Moreover, the PR Copywriter + PR Distribution bundle packages can you up to $50 on each press release submission. For more information or to secure a discount right away, click here.

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