Private Label Press Releases: A PR Distribution Service for Making Distributions with Personal Branding


Throughout the past few decades, each and every industry has become more competitive than ever. Building a business or an organization is tougher because more people are learning about effective ways of marketing.

Press release distribution service is a highly effective digital marketing tool being used by many business and organizations for building up their network and gaining more publicity. They often look for a press release distribution service which enables them to make the distribution using a custom or personal branding.

With over 17 years of digital marketing experience, the leading PR Distribution service provider presents with just the kind of solution, along with a variety of distribution packages. It’s possible to ensure placements for a press release into hundreds of media outlets using their PR Distribution plans.

Starting from prices as low as $69, all of these PR Distribution plans guarantee a permanent placement in the news section. Moreover, every press release will enjoy the benefit of maximum exposure in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Bing News, and Google News. The search engine inclusions boost up your search engine reputation. There is no limit on word counts while making a PR Submission to

White Label Press Release Distribution is the service where you can have your press release distributed that will include your own branding, this comes with the Private Label option. The Unbranded Press Release option enables a press release to be distributed without the branding of also offers Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions, where you can opt-in for multiple PR Distributions on a monthly or yearly basis. Registering for the subscriptions are offered with highly lucrative discounts that can actually save a lot on the monthly marketing budget.

There are no other companies in the PR Distribution industry that are able to offer these wonderfully designed services at this price.

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