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In this modern era where people are using the internet for almost all kinds of communication, press release distribution is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that spreads your news to the world. It’s often used by business and organizations for making announcements about a new product, services or to share news on current affairs.

Press release distribution services distribute the press release to journalists and media outlets, however, most of the companies in the industry don’t have any control over publishing rates. There are only a few reliable PR(press release) distribution companies who are able to provide guaranteed exposure. is a global press release distribution service provider, with over 17 years of management experience.  Three PR distribution plans are offered by the company, at prices ranged by ranged by $69 – $299. These distribution plans guaranteed to place a press release in 35 to over 200 media outlets, starting from

Most of the regular customers use the Premium Pro PR Distribution plan, ensuring placements for their press release in over 100 media outlets, including top-tier newswires like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and others. Moreover, the press release will get a permanent News section placement, exposures in Google, Google News, Yahoo, Yahoo News, Bing, Bing news. A comprehensive distribution report gets sent to customers within 72 business hours after their distribution schedule.

The White Label Press Release is a service that enables a customer to distribute a press release, having their personal branding included within, using the Private Label PR Distribution. The Unbranded PR Distribution plan offers to distribute a press release without the branding of For more information and for a price estimation, click here.

The customer experience team is relentlessly working in collaboration with the customers; making sure they get the desired exposure. The PRCopywriter press release writing service can provide with a well-crafted press release within a short turnaround of 2 – 3 business days. In order to book a PRCopywriter, visit:

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