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In this modern age of digital marketing, press release distribution services are essential for building a solid online reputation. Of course,  there are many other ways of marketing, however, press release distribution services can provide with maximum exposure within the shortest period of time.

Whether your goal is to reach a maximum number of an audience or a targeted audience, it is essential to craft the press release, which establishes clear communication with the audience. For having better SEO rankings, incorporating most volume search engine keywords based upon the specific niche is a must. Recently, some services like the PR Copywriter provide assistance in crafting effective and SEO friendly press releases within short turnaround times.

It’s been over two decades since the globalization of internet and right now, a vast number of websites offer cheap PR(press release) distribution services, claiming to have a network of thousands of journalists. However, what actually matters, as a customer who seeks PR distribution services, is many media outlets may actually pick up and publish their press release. is the leading and most reliable global press release distribution service provider. Competitors in the industry don’t share where a press release will surely appear, neither do they reveal the number of media outlets who might publish the press release.

However, believes in clarity and offers a guaranteed placement in 35 to over 200 media outlets, having the option to choose from three different PR distribution plans, tailored to your needs. The price range for the PR distribution plan is $69 – $299.

The most valued Premium Concierge PR distribution plan guarantees placement in over 200 media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and other premium networks. With all of the three PR distribution plans, a press release will get News Section placement in Google, Yahoo!, Bing News, as well as the appearance in respective search engines. Moreover, a comprehensive distribution report is shared with the customer in 72 business hours from the distribution schedule.

Depending on the newsworthiness of a press release, there is a high chance of getting featured on sites like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, AP, Forbes and the New York Magazine. For example, here is a recent press release distributed by, featured by New York Magazine: had embarked on a journey and expanding its horizon; taking the PR distribution industry to new heights, now customers are not left in the dark and are properly utilizing the benefits of PR distribution services.

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