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Press releases are a great way to get your news out there to the public. Whether you’re a business owner or a part of an organization, you can use a press release distribution service to spread the news about a new product launching, any future events, or to share current affairs with large groups of audiences.

Building a reputation online and gaining worldwide recognition has become easier than ever, many PR Distribution service companies are helping those who want to make their press release live to the mass audience. Where a lot of companies are offering distribution services, only a few are able ‘make good’ on their offers.

The leading global press release distribution service provider is receiving a huge number of PR Submissions, following the introduction of their new PR Distribution plans. With the Premium, Premium Pro, and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans, they offer not only distribution but placements in hundreds of media outlets. Starting from the lowest-cost Premium plan priced at $69, all of these PR Distribution plans guarantee a permanent website placement. Moreover, every press release will have the benefit of increased visibility in Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Bing News and Google News. Here is a screenshot of the Google search result conducted using a recently distributed press release:

PR Copywriting is a press release writing service operated by a team of professional copywriters; able to provide a complete draft within a few days. Hiring a copywriter to write your press release will bring out the newsworthiness of the topic. The writers incorporate most volume search engine keywords for maximizing SEO (Search Engine Reputation) rankings. Customers are offered lucrative discounts on PR Copywriting + PR Distribution bundle packages.

For making regular PR Submissions, you can register for a Monthly Press Release Subscription and get up to 50% discounts on each press release. Current subscribers are saving hundreds of dollars every month by the virtue of these subscriptions. You can have the $500 joining fee waived now as a first-time subscriber. The discount, including exact pricing for your Monthly Subscription, depends on the preferred PR distribution plans. For more information and to secure your discount, click here. shares where to put social media buttons on your website along with industry statistics to back this up, so you can be confident that the location you place your social sharing icons, works best for your business.

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