The Evolution of Newspapers: Online Press Release


In this ever-evolving world, one of the greatest advancements in the history of mankind is the world wide web, or commonly known as the internet. With just a click comes unlimited access to a worldwide bank of information and technology. And one of these products of these is the online press release.

Defined by as an official written statement about a matter of public interest which is given to the press by an organization concerned with the matter.

In other words, this is the current newspaper in our era, where people can publish not only the latest news and events but also adverts of small to large scale businesses. The only difference is that the market is no longer limited to a specific region. It is now an international coverage of readers and investors who are, information seekers.

That is why the online press release business no doubt is one of the rising industries in the marketing field. And when we speak of online press release there are few press release distribution companies that come into mind., PR Newswire (Owned by CISION), PRWeb, and Easy Newswire are the leading brands in terms of online distribution of press releases. Check out the links below for more information about these companies.


But one company stands out even though they are new in the field, and that is Known as the most affordable press release distribution company, they take pride in being the #1 Company who gives the highest Return of Investment on the press release they have distributed. (Press Release Jet) was named one of the Best SEO Tools of 2017.”

– Hook Agency, a 5-Star Rated Minneapolis Web Design Company.

Starting at only $69 on their single press release, they can distribute any article to over 250+ quality media outlets including visibility exposures to some of the search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Given that they are small, with their price range and the quality of services, they are now fairly competing with the giants (PR Web and PR Newswire) in the market. Steady but surely, is gaining a lot of reputation in the quality of services they provide.

Check them out at for more info. about their packages and press release distribution offers.

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