What Makes PRDistribution.com The Most Reliable Global Press Release Distribution Service Provider


For building a strong public relations network in the shortest time, press release distribution is the most effective digital marketing tool. Although this service needs to be utilized properly in order to get a high ROI (Return on Investment). Two factors need to considered critically before making a press release submission.

The first step is to write a press release in an easily understandable manner, establishing clear communication with the audience. Formatting should be done using precisely sequenced paragraphs, with the incorporation of most volume search engine keywords. “How to Do Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool” is an informative article from which you can have a thorough understanding.

Secondly, the submission of the press release must be made to a reliable PR (Press Release) distribution service provider that is able to provide with guaranteed exposure. As there are scammers spread across the internet, it’s hard for a person with little knowledge about the press release distribution industry to find the right fit.

PRDistribution.com is the leading global press release distribution service provider, having 17 years of digital marketing experience, offers a variety of PR distribution plans, ensuring placements in 35 to over 200 media outlets. Where the other PR distribution services are offering only distribution, PRDistribution.com makes sure the customers know where their press release should appear.

A single distribution can be made using any of the three PR Distribution plans offered by the company. The top-selling Premium Pro PR Distribution plan provides placements of a PR into more than 100 media outlets, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other top-tier newswires. Placement in the PRDistribution.com news section is guaranteed with all three PR Distribution plans. Moreover, every press release will enjoy the benefit of exposure in Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Bing, and Bing News. Here is a screenshot showing the number of results showing on Google for a recently distributed PRDistribution.com press release:

It’s also possible to publish a press release including personalized branding with the Private Label Press Release or distributing a press release without the branding of PRDistribution.com, using the Unbranded Press Release Distribution; covered by the White Label Press Release Services. Moreover, Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscribers get bulk pricing enabling them to get discounts up to 50% on the PR Distribution plans.

A complete and affordable package for guaranteed exposure can only be found at PRDistribution.com. With the consistency in maintaining a 100% customers satisfaction rate, PRDistribution.com continues to be the most reliable global press release distribution service provider.

Nasif Monjurul



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