Where to Submit a Press Release and Get Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other Top-tier Newswires


People often wonder how to publish a piece of news about their new startup or about a product/service that they’re offering or sharing something newsworthy that can benefit a vast range of audience. Some of them might know some online news portals or some press release distribution companies. However, it is rather confusing to choose the right one when they want to submit a press release in order to reach the mass/targeted audience and want their press releases to be distributed to top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and similar networks.

Press Release Jet is the leading press release distributions service provider that was rebranded as PRDistribution.com in mid-2017. Apart from offering different variations of pr(press release) distribution services, the company helps with press release writings that are designed to bring out the newsworthiness of the press release. Before a customer can submit a press release, they need to get accustomed to how the distribution service works in order to get the maximum ROI (return on investment).

With an option of Private label and Unbranded pr distribution, PRDistribution.com offers three types of pr distribution plans that will also boost up search engine visibility. The Premium Premium Pro, and Premium Concierge pr distribution plans comes with guarantee distribution to 250, 378, and over 400 media outlets; each plan priced at $69, $129, and, $299 respectively. Both the Premium Pro and Premium Concierge plan ensures distribution to ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other top-tier newswires. All of the distribution plans provide placement in the PRDIstribution.com news section, along with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Finally, the customer receives a comprehensive report on their email within 72 business hours of the distribution.

The White Label PR Distribution service offer the pr distribution service where a customer can use their own branding(Private Label) and Unbranded press releases are distributed without the PRDistribution.com branding. The Private Label and Unbranded press release distributions use the same distribution plans mentioned above. For pricing and to submit a press release with the White Label services, Click here.

PRCopywriter is the press release writing service that is run by professional writers who are able to write effective press release using industry-specific relevant keywords for SEO Boosting, with a completion guarantee of a 2-3 business days turnaround. The Concierge PRCopywriter comes with Press Release SEO audit and unlimited revisions before the distribution schedule. Moreover, it is possible to get a 50% discount on each press release with the PRCopywriter+PR Distribution bundle plans. In order to get more information about the PRCopywriter or to book a press release writing and distribution, visit: https://www.prdistribution.com/prcopywriter/

PRDistribution.com is currently the most cost-efficient and effective pr distribution service provider that has helped thousands of happy customers and still maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate in 2019.

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