White Label Press Releases, a Unique PR Distribution Service Helping Customers Selflessly


In this generation of digital marketing, most successful business and organizations find press release distribution as an essential tool to communicate with the mass audience and in terms of maintaining a strong public relations network.

In the press release distribution industry, there are quite a few companies that are able to provide global press release distribution services. However, some may charge a high price for the distribution, and it almost impossible to find a company that will issue a press release distribution without their branding at affordable prices.

PRDistribution.com is the leading global press release distribution service provider that has a wide distribution network and can make industry-specific distributions with their unique pr(press release) distribution plans.

Agencies and businesses that want to make press release distributions using their own branding or without the branding of the distribution services provider, the White Label Press Release is the service where they will get exactly the two type of pr distribution services that are named as Private Label, and Unbranded Press Release Distributions. These two services make the pr distribution using the same pr distribution plans that are normally offered by the company.

The basic pr distribution plans are divided into three plans that guarantee distribution from 250 to over 400 media outlets. The Premium Pro is the best-selling plan that ensures distribution to over 375 media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other top-tier newswires at only $129. Moreover, like all the other pr distribution plans, it will give the press release placement in the News section, also the inclusion of Google, Yahoo, Bing that will increase search engine visibility.

The pricing for Private Label Premium Pro is $159 and Unbranded Premium Pro distribution costs $149. It is also possible to get up to 50% discounts for these plans using the Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions that will contribute to a great impact on finances with a high ROI (return on investment) rate. The discounted pricing can be estimated by selecting the pr distribution plan and the number of press releases in a month/year using the Price Calculator from the following link: https://www.prdistribution.com/white-label-press-release/

PRDistribtion.com offers the lowest pricing on press release distribution services with the widest network that has built its reputation by consistently providing customers with a satisfactory service. The company was named “The Best SEO Tools of 2017”, and still carries out a more improved service now in 2019.

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Original Story: White Label Press Releases, a Unique PR Distribution Service Helping Customers Selflessly


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