Why do you need to have your FIRST Press Release?


PR Distribution as an industry has been growing at a fast rate for the past 3 years. Because of the demand to market the world through the internet, press releases distribution companies such as PR Web, PRDistribution.com, Press Release Jet and Easy Newswire has been trying to improve their marketing strategies to help businesses grow on a worldwide scale.

Defined by www.howstuffworks.com, “Press Releases are short, a compelling news story was written by a public relations professional and sent to targeted members of the media. The goal of a press release is to pique the interest of a journalist or publication.”. In other words in our context, it is like putting ads on an online newspaper.

One of these press release companies is PRDistribution.com. Known to be one of the most affordable press release distributions there is in the field, they claim to have the highest return on investment as compared to other press release giants(PR Web, EasyNewswire). Starting at $69 for a single press release, the advert is distributed to up to 250+ Media outlets including exposures to popular search engines such as Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Bing.com. Not only do they have amazing plans and packages, but they also take pride in their customer service and copywriters, which help customers promote their business on their own terms and preferences.

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In choosing the best press release company, efficiency, and reviews about how fast will their turnaround time take for the press release launch, should be your vital consideration for good quality results.

Press releases are now rising to become one of the major marketing strategies online and given the trend, it is still growing. No wonder a lot of companies nowadays choose to invest in this. Not only that it is effective and cost-efficient, but it also opens new doors of opportunities in the world market. If you want to learn more about press release distribution, you can visit PRDistribution.com the #1 leading company in terms of ROI (return of investment) on press releases and launch your content now!

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